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Competent writers explain and explore their ideas, discuss implications, and illustrate through examples. They help the reader understand their thinking about the issue. What are the strengths and weaknesses of various arguments and interpretations concerning the issue? In the spirit of Orwell’s Memory Hole, an organizing theme of your paper will be to analyze which points interested parties emphasize and/or play down and why. What are they flushing and what are they cherry-picking?

Each paragraph should be limited to the discussion of one general idea. A reader should be able to formulate a counterargument against the argument put forward in your thesis. In the exigence of an essay, the writer must justify the essay on the grounds that the issue being discussed is relevant or important.

Writing Your Argumentative Essay

Those against paying college athletes also believe that the athletes are receiving enough benefits already. No other college students receive anywhere near as much from their schools. There’s lots of solid research in this essay, including specific programs that were conducted and how successful they were, as well as specific data mentioned throughout.

Argumentative Essay

Make sure that the reader knows exactly what the broad topic of the paper will be. In this case,primary doesn’t mean main; it means original. The best way to approach the primary source requirement isn’t to just go find one for its own sake, but rather to think about the question you’re addressing for your essay and how to approach it?

Tips And Tricks For Teaching The Argumentative Essay

Here is another example to help you with writing an effective argumentative essay. Go through the following examples and hopefully, you will be able to write an effective argumentative essay very easily. To make sure that you write a good and presentable argumentative essay, read different types of examples mentioned in this blog.

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