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You’ll need to back up your viewpoint with well-researched facts and information as well. One of the hardest parts is deciding which topic to write about, but there are plenty of ideas available to get you started. At this point, you state your opponent’s views then offer a counter argument. A well written argumentative essay must anticipate and address positions in the opposition.

Argumentative Essays

Check the video with a complete argumentative essay example, where a teacher reveals all the details. Her speaks about choosing a topic, outlining, writing each paragraph of your essay, and combining its all elements into an A-worthy college paper. First and foremost, try to choose an argumentative essay topic that inspires you and can give you enough materials to research.

The Argumentative Essay

You can get creative here but make sure you’re still following the norms of scholarly or academic writing. That means no personal anecdotes or inspirational quotes etc. Planning for any essay is key , especially an argumentative essay because you’re presenting an argument that you need to defend with solid evidence. Your research should include all forms of reference sources and materials by credible sources and industry experts. The purpose of an argumentative essay is to establish a stance or position on an issue by providing reasons and supporting evidence.

Argumentative Essays

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While some readers may be swayed by emotions, a more effective approach utilizes sound reasoning. Some readers may not care that the death penalty causes horrific pain for the offender, but they may reflect on the possibility of innocence among the wrongfully condemned. It is all too easy to alienate a large chunk of your audience with a sweeping generalization or two. The sentence “Teachers fail to consider individual students’ learning styles when they develop their lesson plans” makes a sweeping assertion that all teachers fail to make an important consideration. An evidence-driven argument is the hardest to refute.

Argumentative Essays

It encourages the audience to read your essay and participate in further discussion. Do your best to take a topic that’s interesting to you. Shape your argument and list the points you’ll use as evidence for it. Also, you’ll need to make a list of points against your argument and gather evidence for them too. In your essay, describe both sides but try to prove why your argument is correct. This model involves the fact you write about a highly polemical topic where you understand and accept both sides of the argument.

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  • To make sure that you write a good and presentable argumentative essay, read different types of examples mentioned in this blog.
  • Using the Rogerian model can be tricky because oftentimes you don’t explicitly state your argument until the end of the paper.
  • We also understand some of you just don’t have the luxury of time, or the resources to create really engaging resources exactly when you need them.

This is a crucial part of your argumentative essay because it’s where you overrule other peoples’ objections. And check out the video below to see how to use a checklist to help you organize an argumentative essay. The final word in your argumentative essay should explain the audience what to think/do based on both personal opinion and opposing position on the subject. List the reasons for the readers to adopt the offered position. Provide the rest of the most effective ways out for the issue discussed in the argumentative essay paper.

Here goes the list of argumentative essay topics for you to consider, by subjects you might have in your educational institution. Keep in mind that you’ll need to add quotations and use references in your essay. Choose argumentative essay topics that would provide you with such an opportunity. This model of an argumentative essay is about choosing a side in a polemical topic. Here you introduce a central claim and explore the most essential arguments of both sides. However, counterarguments here work for eliminating all superfluous arguments to prove your chosen side is true.

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